Tin-Kit Tam
BPhty (Hons)
Kit brings a kit full of different skills with him following experience working with sporting teams and in aged care after graduating from the University of Queensland. He has a special interest in Vestibular and Balance rehabilitation, as well as post-concussion management and continues to improve his skills through postgraduate education.

Outside of physiotherapy, Kit enjoys exploring the outdoors on hikes, fishing trips and reading in his downtime. As a youngster, he represented Queensland in futsal, played at a representative level in soccer and was involved in a number of other sports including squash, cross-country, swimming, water polo and athletics.
Currently, Kit is undertaking Advanced Coaching Licenses to further his skills working with high-level athletes as a soccer coach and working on adding Spanish to his current language skills of English, Mandarin, Cantonese and very broken German.

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(07) 3202 5216
Kit treats patients with the following dysfunctions and injuries:
- Vestibular and balance issues
- Musculoskeletal
- Sports
- Orthopaedics

- Functional Exercise
- Neurological
- Cardiorespiratory