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We are Experts in Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy.

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy (SEP) is not only the assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of sporting and exercise injuries, but also encompasses injury prevention and optimization of physical performance. Our minimum goal is to help you reach the National Health and Exercise Guidelines and prepare your soft tissues for your return to your target sport/exercise/function.

To return you to your chosen sport, exercise or activity, our experienced Physiotherapists conduct a thorough assessment of you and your injury. Treatment can include hands-on physiotherapy, biomechanical screening, strength and conditioning testing and load management analysis. As part of your individualised treatment plan, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive exercise program, tailored to you and your injury as well as your specific sport, exercise or activity.

Your exercise program will also encompass cardiovascular fitness to maintain your overall fitness during the acute phase of your injury. Maintaining conditioning of your uninjured soft tissues will aid your return to sport, keep your fitness levels elevated and also increase performance upon entry back into sport. Target Physio Physiotherapists have full access to Snap Fitness gyms to utilise gym equipment during treatments – you don’t have to be a Snap Fitness member to take advantage!

Injury prevention and reduction of overall injury risk is key throughout the rehabilitation process.

Injury prevention programs are personalised to you and your biomechanics in relation to your exercise or sport and the movements involved to perform it. An assessment for an injury prevention program includes a biomechanical assessment, strength and asymmetry testing, running and gait analysis, load management analysis and cardiovascular fitness assessments as well as sport-specific tests. Our experienced Physiotherapists identify any weaknesses and deficits that appear and tailor an injury prevention program individualised to you and your body, specific to your sport or target.

In 2020, Target Physio is running a Sports Performance & Injury Prevention program. The aim is to conduct an assessment and deliver a tailored training program to respective sports and age groups. Therefore, decreasing time lost due to sporting injuries and increase sports performance. If your club or team is interested in involving Target Physio to run a SPIP program, please get in contact with Laura today via [email protected]

Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy can help with:

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