Our Exercise Physiology services can help you return to sport

At Target Physio, our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are experts in the field of returning Athletes to their respective sports. Accredited Exercise Physiologists excel in delivering individually-tailored exercise interventions to appropriately progress each client back to full functional activity.

We aim to get the Athlete to perform sport-specific drills such as running, plyometric and agility progressions, which can be modified for specific functional movement patterns associated with the Athlete’s unique sport.

Our AEPs work with Athletes during the prehabilitation phase – whereby preparations are made for the affected region of the body prior to surgery by strengthening supporting muscles and other structures. This, in turn, greatly reduces the likelihood of negative outcomes following surgery and improves the effectiveness of rehabilitation, thus reducing total recovery time.

Returning to Sport Post-Surgery:

Post surgery, our AEPs will assist you in connecting the dots between the acute rehab phase and performing at your absolute best. We may see Athletes even one-day out of surgery following Doctor & Physiotherapy treatment. Our personalised exercise prescription skills help integrate a psychosocial approach to musculoskeletal rehab with sport-specific exercise, thereby reducing total recovery time and helping to get you back to your full functional levels pre-injury.

Ready to commence rehabilitation or are looking to start your prehab prior to surgery, book an appointment with Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Kelly.

Our return to sport services can help with:

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    5 star review  Finally I found a physio team who really understand "workout despite injury". In Target Physio I don't feel I am patient and too injured or old to do daily gym exercise. They have thought me why, how and what should I do in the gym to improve my strength and help recovering my injured knees.

    thumb Sara Zeinalzadeh
    February 9, 2020

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