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Part of the Allied Health discipline, Physiotherapists perform thorough assessments, diagnose conditions and create management plans specific to patients’ health and lifestyle. Often these treatments involve advice and education, hands on therapy and an exercise program. Primarily they help patients reduce pain, restore function and mobility, and prevent further injury.

Physiotherapy isn’t just for “sporty people” or for sports injury rehabilitation. Physiotherapy encompasses a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, pains and injuries across the age spectrum – from newborns to the elderly. As a team, we have a wide range of knowledge of different conditions and types of Physiotherapy treatment. From vestibular disorders to dry needling and acupuncture, or horse-riding physiotherapy to men’s health conditions, the team at Target Physio have you covered.

Our team of experienced Physios have got you covered!

Thomas Harris – Men’s Health and Chronic Pain
Cameron Bandy – Osteoarthritis (GLA:D trained and registered) and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Sangita Patel – Women’s Health & Sports Physiotherapy
Eve Edwards– Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy & Spinal Pain and Injury
Sally Hess – Complex Shoulder Conditions
Fiona Pringle – Women’s Health (the ageing woman’s pelvic floor) and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can help with:

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    4 star review  Target Physio are awesome. Their treatment works! I've had the experience where other businesses of this type have "patched" the problem so you are "return" business. Target Physio operates an ethical and "targeted" consultancy focused on getting your body moving again. WELL DONE GUYS!!!! God Bless

    thumb D de Jong
    March 24, 2020

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