Online Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology Consultations

Health Professional via Telehealth
We understand that access to a health professional isn’t always convenient or possible, which is why Target Physio has introduced Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology Online.

This is a great opportunity to meet with a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist to discuss your condition or injury and set yourself on a path to success! It also helps cater to the growing demand for convenience and in-home services. So whether you’re a busy parent, aren’t able to access transport or just want to stay in your pyjamas, then Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology Online is a perfect solution!

Exercise Physiology/Physiotherapy Online allows you to gain clarity around your condition/injury and take control of your treatment to improve physical and physiological outcomes. As practitioners, we pride ourselves on being great listeners and will individualise your treatment around your goals.


Online Physiotherapy can help with:

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    5 star review  Finally I found a physio team who really understand "workout despite injury". In Target Physio I don't feel I am patient and too injured or old to do daily gym exercise. They have thought me why, how and what should I do in the gym to improve my strength and help recovering my injured knees.

    thumb Sara Zeinalzadeh

Instant Online Booking:

NOTE: If you are looking for Online Exercise Physiology, pick the Kenmore Location. Otherwise select the Clinic that is closest to you so if you do need to come in for a hands on appointment it will be easy to get you in at that location.