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Are you experiencing pain or discomfort whilst horse riding or have you recently had a fall and are trying to get back, strong enough, to get back in the saddle?

A study on physical fitness habits of equestrian athletes found that 98% of riders agreed that rider fitness had an impact on performance but only 56% of riders considered themselves to be physically fit and only a little over 60% took part in physical activity outside of horse riding (Bye & Chadwick, 2018).

Ridden only exercise programmes have been found to be ineffective in increasing aerobic fitness to meet the requirement of higher intensity riding events such as eventing, show jumping, polo or polocrosse. Interestingly, fatigue during riding has been linked to increased likelihood of sustaining an injury.

What does all this mean? As riders we need to look at how we can exceed the National Health Guidelines of 150mins minimum of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise each week. For example, at least 30 mins 5 times a week of running, cycling, swimming or chasing your horse that doesn’t like to be caught around the paddock!

Rider strength asymmetry has been linked to both rider and horse back pain (Hampson & Randle, 2015). Assessment of rider posture and strength symmetry can give us vital information to guide training programs, reducing asymmetries which can improve comfort for both rider and horse.

Preliminary studies have found that improving rider strength and symmetry through targeted strengthening programs not only improves your weight distribution in the saddle it can even have a positive effect on stride length and rhythm of your horse (Lee, Soboleswki, Story, Shields, & Battaglini, 2015; Nevison & Timmis, 2013). Which may give you that winning edge!

If you have been experiencing any discomfort during riding, book an Assessment Consultation with Heather to get back to being comfortable in the saddle!

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In-clinic Horse Rider Assessment
  • Assessment of your injury, pain or riding complaint
  • Post-fall injuries
  • 30 mins one-on-one Hands-on treatment with Physiotherapist, Heather
  • Assessment of strength symmetry off the horse - guides muscles strength & endurance, strength in the saddle, rider position & effectiveness
  • History of Aerobic & Strength Fitness
  • Personalised strength program to align any asymmetries or weaknesses
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