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We help you rehabilitate without having to quit the gym!

Target Physio have teamed up with SNAP Fitness Kenmore & Bellbowrie to provide you with full access to world-class equipment and facilities during your treatment.

We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality of care throughout your entire fitness journey. Alleviating pain is not the end of your treatment journey; strengthening you and enabling you to function aerobically is the target.

The current National Weekly Exercise Guidelines are:

  • 150-180mins of moderate cardiorespiratory exercise, plus
  • Two strength training sessions per week.

Snap Fitness & Target Physio

With the help of SNAP Fitness, it is our mission to enable you to reach these guidelines consistently.

As a client of Target Physio, you have the availability to access SNAP Fitness gyms under the guidance of your physiotherapist during your physio consultations – you don’t have to be a member of SNAP! However, Justin and Amy have awesome joining offers for patients of Target Physio, making it easier for you to continue to smash your fitness goals at the completion of your treatment plan!

Need a little assistance in achieving your fitness or function target? Target Physio Physiotherapists can assess your function and develop an individualised exercise program to assist you back to optimum function.

Gym-Integrated Physiotherapy can help with:

Target Physio Google Review

    review rating 5  Finally I found a physio team who really understand "workout despite injury". In Target Physio I don't feel I am patient and too injured or old to do daily gym exercise. They have thought me why, how and what should I do in the gym to improve my strength and help recovering my injured knees.

    thumb Sara Zeinalzadeh

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