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What is GLA:D?
GLA:D stands for Good Life with Osteoarthritis: Denmark and is a structured education and exercise program that was developed in Denmark for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis. The program has moved to Australian shores and is having a very positive impact on the lives of thousands of Australians. Specifically, research from the GLA:D program in Australia shows an average pain reduction of 36%, reduced need for pain medication consumption, improved joint confidence and reduced perceived need for surgery.

Who is the GLA:D program for?
The GLA:D program is for those with hip or knee osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis predominantly affects individuals over the age of 65, however, it can also affect individuals as young as 30. Therefore, the program can be completed by anyone with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms as it will be tailored to meet your current physical capacity.

What’s involved in the GLA:D program?
An initial appointment explaining the program and collecting information and assessment on your current functional ability.
Two education sessions that incorporate: information about osteoarthritis, the degeneration process in the joint, how the exercises improve joint stability and how to retain this improved joint stability through day-to-day self-management techniques.
Neuromuscular training sessions twice a week for six weeks to improve muscle control of the joint, leading to reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life.

Format of the group training session (up to 6 people in a group):

Warm up
Circuit Training
Cool down

The circuit training involves four working stations with two exercises per station. Exercises are personalised, chosen based on your initial assessment outcomes.
Your Physiotherapist will take you through 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions of each exercise, carefully monitoring you and your movement to ensure you’re moving optimally.
Exercises can be progressed based on your own individual progress – each body progresses at different rates, we want to support you through your progressions rather than rush you. Progressions of exercises include varying repetition number, direction and speed of movements.

The four stations:
Core stability (abdominal area)
Postural orientation (keeping the weight well placed over the leg)
Muscle strength in the legs
Functional training exercises

Target Physio Physiotherapists Cameron Bandy and Thomas Harris are both GLA:D trained and registered Physiotherapists. Get started on your knee or hip osteoarthritis treatment plan today and book an assessment!

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