Looking for an Exercise Physiologist in Brisbane's West?

Exercise Physiologists are university-educated healthcare professionals trained in movement and exercise prescription. Anyone can see an Exercise Physiologist to obtain a tailored exercise program to improve overall physical fitness or a certain component of fitness, such as aerobic or strength.

As part of their university studies, Exercise Physiologists understand the human body’s physiological processes and the effect exercise has on them. This insight gives Exercise Physiologists the ability to prescribe movement and exercise to prevent and manage chronic health conditions, improving their patient’s quality of life.

Anyone can see an Exercise Physiologist to obtain a tailored exercise program to improve overall physical fitness.

What can you expect when you see an Exercise Physiologist at Target Physio?

Firstly, you’ll be put through a few tests to determine your aerobic and strength capacity and discover we’re you’re at now.

Next, you’ll be asked what types of movements or exercises you like to do and what you don’t want to do. We understand exercise can be daunting, overwhelming, boring, hard, demotivating and time consuming, so we want to find what things you enjoy doing so you look forward to your training! Exercise programs are designed for you, to suit your lifestyle and your schedule to help you gradually meet the National Physical Activity Guidelines.

Following a number of sessions with your Exercise Physiologist, either one-on-one, or in one of our many group sessions, you’ll have your own tailored exercise program to take home.
Follow up sessions are designed to test your progress and reevaluate your program to enable you to keep progressing.

The exercise program will be designed to what you have available so you’ll be able to complete it at home, the gym, the park, or wherever else you please!

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