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Dancing has become a popular physical activity in Australia among people of all ages. Those who partake in dance recreationally and professionally are more susceptible to certain types of injuries due to the physical demand required. Particular genres of dance require extreme ranges of motion and are highly repetitive which can contribute towards the risk of injury. It is important to have adequate strength and balance between muscles to support the joints throughout the extreme ranges of motion.

Neuromuscular control and balance is an integral part of most types of dancing.

Learning how to improve these skills can really enhance your performance. For classical ballet dancers, being en pointe requires sufficient strength in the back and lower limbs as well as large ranges of motion in the ankles. A physiotherapy pre-pointe assessment and rehabilitation programme can help prepare your body for working en pointe. Physiotherapist, Jenny, has over 15 years of dance experience and can assist you with any dance-related injuries, return to dance programme or assessing dancers pre-pointe.

Getting you get back on your feet (or en pointe) and dancing as quickly as possible is Jenny’s target for you. To book with Jenny click here.

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