Returning to Work following a Work Injury


Exercise Physiologist, Kelly Luck, debunk some common misconceptions about rehabilitation following an injury at work.

Exercise Physiologist, Kelly Luck

Need to return to work? Exercise Physiologists can get you there!

Been injured at work? In Australia we get looked after pretty well if something happens to us at work. Your employer will submit a claim through Workcover Queensland or the employer’s private worker’s compensation insurance and using the diagnosis and a medical certificate provided by your Doctor, you can start the rehabilitation process. 

You will often have a multi-disciplinary team look after your rehabilitation and the return to work process. However, there are a lot of myths around Worker’s Compensation claims when it comes to rehabilitation that are worth having deeper dive into. 


I can only see one allied health provider at a time. 


You can see multiple allied health providers at any time during your rehabilitation. Your Doctor may refer you to one provider (e.g. Physiotherapist) to begin with, and from there, other providers or your Doctor may refer you to see other providers (e.g. Exercise Physiologist) concurrently. Your provider will be in contact with your Workcover case manager as some of these services may require prior approval.



Exercise Physiology is a last resort. 


The aim Exercise Physiology is to assist with rehabilitating you so that you can return to work, and support you at work until you are back at full duties. Initially, this may look like more frequent sessions to get you exercising and moving safely, and will likely stretch out as you become more competent.  Exercise Physiologists aim to get you self-managing with either a home-based or gym-based exercise program to ensure that the risk of re-injuring yourself at work is decreased. 



I can’t go back to work until I’m fully recovered. 


Depending on your occupation, you may be able to return to work to perform light duties or reduced hours before you are fully recovered. Your provider/s and your Doctor will guide you through a return to work plan and guide your capacity as they see fit by using physical capacity assessments and outcome measures. 



I can’t exercise if I’m injured. 


This is where an Exercise Physiologist is here to help! There are many ways to exercise around your injury and ensure that the rest of your body remains fit and functional. They take extra care to ensure that your injury isn’t exacerbated by any movements and can vary any exercises to suit your condition. 


If you are itching to return to work and get back to life after an injury, then Exercise Physiologists should be a priority inclusion in your rehabilitation!


To book an Initial Work Specific Functional Assessment with Exercise Physiologist, Kelly or Toby, click here.


Please bring with you to your initial appointment:

  • Your Worker’s Compensation Capacity Medical Certificate (referred by your Doctor or Specialist)
  • Your Worker’s Compensation Claim Number
  • Any other reports or correspondence pertaining to your Worker’s Compensation Claim

Please be aware that until Target Physio has confirmation that we are able to bill for Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy services, you may be required to pay for your appointments in full (you will be able to claim them back once the claim is open).

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