Privacy Policy

Target Physio Privacy Policy

Target Physio is committed to providing all our patients with the highest quality of care. All Target Physio employees are under strict obligation to comply by the rules of this Privacy Policy. Misconduct is not tolerated under any circumstances.

Why Target Physio collects and holds your private information:
To provide clinical services to our patients, Target Physio requires your Personal Information. Prior to the initial appointment, all patients must complete the Target Physio Medical Questionnaire Form. The Medical Questionnaire Form asks the following personal information from you;
names, date of birth, addresses and contact information.
Private health fund and Medicare number
Regular doctor or doctor’s practice
Reason for referral
Occupation and lifestyle information
Medical screening questions regarding your current and previous health status’
Any goals and/or expectations you have about your treatment at Target Physio.

What information Target Physio obtains:
Target Physio obtains an electronic copy in PDF format of your Medical Questionnaire, correspondence documents from other health professionals and any reports of scans (X-rays etc) you may have had prior or throughout your treatment.

Storing your private information:
Target Physio practises precautions to ensure your data is not lost, misused or modified. All your private information is stored electronically with all paper documents scanned and saved in PDF format before being destroyed by shredding.

How Target Physio uses your private information:
Target Physiotherapists used your information to gain a greater understanding of your condition
Correspondence with your doctor and/or other health professionals
Liaison with your workplace and/or sporting associations
Medicare and third party claiming
Claiming through your Private Health Insurance
Develop referral statistics

Under what circumstances does Target Physio disclose your personal information:
Third parties may require your personal information for legal and other miscellaneous reasons. No information is released to any third party without a written consent from you, providing Target Physio with permission to release your information to the third party.

Amendments? Complaints? Questions?
If you need to amend any of your information (e.g. you’ve recently moved to a new address) please contact the practice on 3202 5216.
If you have any further questions regarding Target Physio’s Privacy Policy or complaints please contact us on 3202 5216 and request to speak to Laura, Target Physio’s Practice Manager.

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