Meet Local Exercise Physiologist Kelly Luck

Kelly Luck

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Kelly is unavailable for bookings as she is currently on maternity leave.

A longtime admin team member of Bellbowrie Physiotherapy/Target Physio, Kelly Luck (nee Dickson) now expands the Target Physio Practitioner repertoire with her Exercise Physiology skills and expertise. She comes with a wealth of knowledge in prescribing exercise programs for adults of all ages and is experienced in designing evidence-based interventions for clients with a range of conditions. In particular, Kelly enjoys helping those with chronic health conditions, Type 2 Diabetes, those going through cancer treatments and Older Adults, stay active and strong. Kelly has launched a Clinical Conditioning Program for those with Diabetes – offering a safe environment for those living with diabetes to exercise in a group setting.

Her passion for working with those going through cancer treatments started in her university days. Kelly received a High Distinction for her Honours project in which she investigated the effectiveness of text-message interventions on reducing sitting times among cancer survivors who had participated in a high-intensity interval training program.

Kelly believes that our bodies were created to move and has a passion for using exercise and movement to improve quality of life. She understands that every body is different and has a client-centered approach to her exercise programming to ensure that exercise is enjoyable and achievable for each individual. She has also worked as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in a corporate setting using her skills in exercise prescription to design lifestyle interventions for a client base consisting primarily of office workers.

Kelly prescribes individual exercise programs for the following conditions:

Returning to Exercise after Covid
Bone Density
Mental Health
Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Workplace Injury & Rehabilitation
Exercise for Independence (Over 60s)

(those going through and post-treatment)


(prevention & management with exercise)

High Blood Pressure

(prevention & management with exercise)

Kelly has spent most of her life playing netball, however she also enjoys playing tennis and doing a high intensity gym workout! She commpleted her first half marathon in 2016 and is currently trying her hand at Tough Football. A keen traveler, Kelly’s favourite destinations include New Zealand and Barcelona. She loves a good pun or a lame dad joke everynow and then. Kelly married husband Andy in late 2019 – they are looking forward to more travel adventures together.

Kelly offers an Exercise Physiology training block deal: two appointments per week for 5 weeks and receive your tenth session HALF PRICE!

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