Kelly Luck

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

A longtime admin team member of Bellbowrie Physiotherapy/Target Physio, Kelly Luck (nee Dickson) now expands the Target Physio Practitioner repertoire with her Exercise Physiology skills and expertise. She comes with a wealth of knowledge in prescribing exercise programs for adults of all ages and is experienced in designing evidence-based interventions for clients with a range of conditions. In particular, Kelly enjoys helping those with chronic health conditions, those going through cancer treatments and anyone of elderly age, stay active and strong. Kelly has launched a Clinical Conditioning Program for those with Diabetes – offering a safe environment for those living with diabetes to exercise in a group setting.

Her passion for working with those going through cancer treatments started in her university days. Kelly received a High Distinction for her Honours project in which she investigated the effectiveness of text-message interventions on reducing sitting times among cancer survivors who had participated in a high-intensity interval training program.

Kelly believes that our bodies were created to move and has a passion for using exercise and movement to improve quality of life. She understands that every body is different and has a client-centered approach to her exercise programming to ensure that exercise is enjoyable and achievable for each individual. She has also worked as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in a corporate setting using her skills in exercise prescription to design lifestyle interventions for a client base consisting primarily of office workers.

Kelly has spent most of her life playing netball, however she also enjoys playing tennis and exploring new places, both locally and abroad. She is a keen traveler (her favourite destinations include New Zealand and Barcelona), and she enjoys a good pun or lame dad joke every now and then. She completed her first half marathon in 2016, and still continues to run (only much smaller distances now).

Kelly prescribes individual exercise programs for the following conditions:

Balance & Falls Prevention
Bone Density
Mental Health
Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Workplace Injury & Rehabilitation
Exercise for Older Adults

(those going through and post-treatment)


(prevention & management with exercise)

High Blood Pressure

(prevention & management with exercise)

Kelly offers an Exercise Physiology training block deal: two appointments per week for 5 weeks and receive your tenth session HALF PRICE!

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