Jennifer Oakley

Dance & Women's Health Physiotherapy

Passionate about prenatal and postpartum health, Jenny has experience in treating women for a variety of pregnancy-related issues, including lower back and pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. Jenny uses real-time ultrasound for instant feedback, to help visualise a pelvic floor contraction and correcting the activation if necessary with the aim to continue pelvic floor strengthening in combination with exercise. Jenny enjoys assisting women in staying active for the duration of their pregnancy and into motherhood.

Jenny also has a passion for Dance Physiotherapy, as a dancer herself for over 20 years (which has led her to perform at Disney World in Orlando at the age of 16!), Jenny understands the physical demand dancing has on bodies. Working with dancers, of all ages to develop strength, balance and coordination to prevent injury, optimise performance, rehabilitate injuries and prepare for pointe work. Jenny has completed further training in Dance Physiotherapy. In 2021, Jenny commenced her studies for her Masters of Physiotherapy, which she’ll complete part-time over the coming years.

Born in England, Jenny moved to Australia in 2006 and has been a local west-Brisbanite ever since! You can find her sweating it out at F45 Pullenvale, at the UQ netball courts or in the boxing arena (for fitness!). Jenny also enjoys baking and a good crime novel.

Jenny treats patients with the following dysfunctions and injuries:

Dance Related injuries
Functional Exercise
Women’s Health Issues
Pre-pointe Assessments

To make an appointment with Jenny, please phone 3202 5216.

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To book with Jenny, please call us on 07 3202 5216.