Heather Butterworth

Vestibular Physiotherapy

A horse rider herself, Heather adds her flavour of being an ex-Veterinary Nurse to her Horse Riding Physiotherapy expertise. Once upon a time, Heather used to test horses lameness for their riders – now she works with riders to improve riding stability and rehabilitate horse riding injuries.

Heather has a passion for paediatric physiotherapy and enjoys working with children and their parents/carers to improve strength, coordination, balance and proprioception. Her passion for paediatrics comes from being a mum to two young kids herself. Low tone, postural issues, sports injuries and musculoskeletal complaints that come after the school day are all Heather’s domain.

During the early stages of her Physiotherapy career, Heather, completed advanced training in the treatment and management of Vestibular Conditions. You can read more about Vestibular Conditions and how Heather can help you here. She’s also qualified to perform Dry Needling.

Currently residing in Brisbane’s west, Heather originates from North Queensland, moving south to begin her career as a Vet Nurse with WestVets Anstead (she probably knows your pooches!). She even lived in the UK for a stint as a child, before returning home to a warmer climate. Heather and her young family enjoy horse riding, motorbike riding, camping and heading to the beach.

Heather treats patients with the following dysfunctions and injuries:

Dry Needling & Acupuncture
Horse-riding Injuries
Women’s Health Issues
Vestibular & Balance Issues

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