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Fee Schedule - Effective July 1st, 2022

Target Physio’s Physiotherapists: Kirsten Ferres, Joseph Herrmann, Hannah Abell, Gabby Cole & Liam Woollett

Assessment Consultation (30mins) – $97

Subsequent Consultation (30mins) – $95

Vestibular Assessment (45mins) with Kirsten Ferres – $148.00

Women’s Health Assessment (45mins) with Gabby Cole – $148.00

TMJ Assessment (45mins) with Hannah Abell – $148.00

EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) Referrals

Physiotherapists offer a reduced gap window between 10am-2pm for 20 minute appointments under the EPC referral plan. During this time, EPC appointments are $65.85 and you will receive a rebate of $56.00 into your account. Medicare recognise that $56.00 is below industry rates and recommend charging a gap fee. You can read more about the EPC program here.

Workcover Referrals

For clients wanting to see a Physiotherapist under a Workcover claim, please ensure you have a valid medical capacity certificate from your doctor and a claim number. (We can check if your claim is open for billing for you!) Please note if we are unable to bill your appointment to Workcover directly, you will be required to pay the Workcover Queensland fee and claim back from Workcover until your claim is open for billing.

CTP & Third Party Claims

We accept CTP and other third party claims – you MUST bring your letter of approval from your insurer to your assessment consultation. If you don’t have a letter of approval, you will be required to pay the full fee and claim back. Following the assessment consultation, your practitioner will complete a provider treatment plan to obtain approval for further treatment from your insurer.


We welcome all NDIS clients with both self- and plan-managed funding. Please note, we are not an NDIS registered clinic.

For plan-managed NDIS clients, we are able to bill your plan manager directly. Please bring with you all documentation regarding invoicing, service agreement and plan management to your assessment consultation.

For self-managed NDIS clients, please pay your consultation in full at the completion of your appointment. You’ll be provided with a receipt for claiming.

Our Physiotherapists commonly treat NDIS clients for the following conditions:

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
    • Musculoskeletal Assessments + Management
    • Balance and Gait Assessments + Management
    • Functional Assessments + Management


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