Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Like the name suggests, musculoskeletal physiotherapy encompasses your muscles, skeleton and everything in-between! With any pain or injury sustained to your body, we work to determine the source or cause and then the best evidence-based way to address and manage it.  

Ranging from a broken toe you kicked on the sidewalk, to a sore back that makes it hard to put your shoes on in the morning, we are here for you. At Target Physio all physiotherapists have a passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy. We aim to target your pain and dysfunction - as well as help remove all barriers to your fitness journey to look after you in the long term!
In individual rooms, the physiotherapists at Target Physio work with their patients one-on-one for assessments and treatments. 
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Sports Physiotherapy
  1. Physiotherapist Alex performing deadlifts at Snap Kenmore
  2. Target Physio group session at Snap Bellbowrie
  3. Plyometrics at Snap Kenmore
  4. Target Physio group session at Snap Bellbowrie
  5. In clinic Pilates Class
  6. Running Assessment at Snap Kenmore
From the everyday athlete to the elite sports person, sports physiotherapy encompasses all aspects of the sport, training load and athlete. Whether it be managing acute injuries sustained during a game, or working with coaches and managers to assist in returning to play. Our aim is not just to return athletes to sport but to assist in improving performance where we can!

 We aim to not just return athletes to sport but assist in improving performance where we can!

Some of the ways Target Physio can facilitate management of our athletes: 
  • In-house exercise equipment
  • Access to Snap fitness gyms
  • Treadmill running assessments
  • Advanced Clinical Conditioning classes
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