Our Movement Partners

At Target Physio our mission is simple: 
     We enable fitness.
     We receive painful, broken or injured/dysfunctioning bodies.
     We resolve pain.
     We restore function. 
Then we build a platform of balance, strength and movement quality that equips the system for a safe and healthy start to a lifetime of fitness options. This is where Local Fitness Providers comes in. We want these improved bodies to be integrated into the fitness community. 
Our list is in the early stages of development; so if you are a local business that helps to enable fitness in the community and would like to be included on this page, please contact us! You never know, the friendly team from Target Physio may be knocking on your door in the near future so you can be a part of our fitness journey!
"Our aim is to create a friendly and comfortable environment with positive staff members and world-class training equipment. As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we want you to know the feeling of waking up in the morning, looking and feeling your best. In order to achieve this, we'll endeavour to help you in making proactive lifestyle choices which will in turn, improve your overall quality of life. As a team, we are here to share our wealth of knowledge to encourage and support every member to reach their maximum potential and well-being."
- Justin Eddie, Snap Fitness Kenmore Manager.

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  F45 Training Pullenvale is a family run business, headed up by Lisa Stephens & her two sons, Harry & James. It is HIIT (high intensity interval training) for 45 minutes to ensure that the heart rate is continuously spiked, & that maximum results are achieved in a limited time. it is personal training in a small group environment, with 2 highly qualified trainers per session, ensuring that staff are always on hand to encourage & support. There is a different workout every day of the year. F45 also offers a free weight loss portal a number of times throughout the year - the '8 Week Challenge' - during which members are completely supported with dietary advice and recipes, as well as their physical training. 
  - Lisa Stephens, F45 Pullenvale Manager.

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I have focused my life on supporting others in achieving their goals and strive every day to do this in my roles as a mother, nurse, group fitness instructor and personal trainer. JS Fitness provides a full range of fitness, nutrition and personal training services. JS Fitness specialises in helping mothers improve their health.

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Celebrating people with Parkinson's and their supporters.
We welcome all people with Parkinson’s, their carers and supporters. We don’t even expect our new members to be able to sing in tune!

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BoogieCamp's vision is to create a fun, relaxed and personalised atmosphere in which people can learn to dance and have the freedom to be themselves without judgement. After all, dance is about self-expression! If you're ready to shake your booty to some Latin dance rhythms with your partner or solo, contact Olga by clicking here.
"F45 Training is functional HIIT interval training that combines different cardio and resistance elements to improve fitness and everyday life for our clients. Our training is constantly varied with different timers, movement patterns and exercises so you never repeat the same workout and never get bored with your training! We would love to have you in to experience our different approach to training by following the link through our website below."


- Matt Mecchia, F45 Kenmore Manager.

"With life experience and over 40+ years of industry experience,  we will not only listen, we will hear you at The Main Game"
    - Dean Martin, The Main Game Head Coach.

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