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Back Pain - The modern approach

As seen in the February 2019 edition of The Local Bulletin.

Of all injuries, aches and pains that can bug us, lower back pain is up there as one of the most common. The associated loss of work hours has a massive economic impact on households.

Back pain sufferers will attest to how debilitating it can be. In severe presentations, even simple things like getting out of a chair or rolling over in bed can be agonising. Those who suffer from nasty back pain can develop a fear of movement. Reduced participation in physical activity is completely understandable but can have chronic health consequences that make back pain look like a Sunday school picnic.

Research into the right way to manage low back pain has changed dramatically in recent years. What we now know, is that movement is at the heart of excellence in back pain intervention. What we also know, is that passive treatment on its own is a waste of money.

At Target Physio, we stay abreast of research developments and we practice, what is referred to in the literature as, the modern approach to lower back pain.

Key elements of this up-to-date approach, are a thorough clinical examination and physiotherapy that addresses biomedical and psychosocial contributors.

This includes a range of motion exam, which looks at the individual spinal joints as well as how the spinal movement impacts the rest of the body. There are certain features of compromised movement that point to specific anatomical structures such as the disc, the facet joints, a specific nerve, neurological 
sensitisation or muscular dysfunctions. Muscle function is looked at in functional patterns and in greater detail, with Real-time Ultrasound.
Nerve pain is examined through neuro-dynamic testing, which eludes to the location and extent of nerve compression. Neurological testing of reflexes and sensory and motor 
function, further localises the site and severity of compression.

The beauty of choosing physiotherapy to treat back pain is that you tap into a profession that is backed by an extraordinary depth of quality research. Choosing physiotherapy means you can enjoy the benefits of passive treatments such as manipulation, massage, mobilisation, dry needling and even electrotherapy, without fear of missing out on sophisticated exercise therapy. Physiotherapy is a one-stop shop for excellence in back pain management.
Target Physio takes back care one step further. The goal is not simply to get rid of pain. Getting rid of pain at Target Physio is considered the easy part. Enabling fitness is always the Target Physio goal. Target Physio Director, Fiona Pringle says: “Unless you can move well enough to meet the National Physical Activity Guidelines of >150min of aerobic exercise and 2 resistance training sessions per week, chronic disease will kill you well before back pain does.”

At Target Physio hands-on, one-on-one treatment is our signature, but you will not get stuck on a passive merry-go-round and it is likely that back pain will cease to limit you and cease to define you. To book online click 
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