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Get your FREE Poolwerx Moggill Marathon Training Programs from Target Physio!

Target Physio is proud to be sponsoring the poolwerx Moggill Marathon!

Registrations are now open for the first ever Poolwerx Moggill Marathon on Sunday, May 22nd 2022!

Head over to Moggill Marathon to sign yourself up!

A Target Physio Accredited Exercise Physiologist has developed training programs for each distance!
If you need assistance completing any exercises or would like help optimising your training program, book an appointment with one of our Exercise Physiologists here.

All training programs are free for you to download – simply enter your name and email address in the form below and you’ll be automatically directed to the training program. The training programs to choose from are:

Bravery Box 2km Fun Run/Walk
The Local Bulletin Wild Goose Chase 5km
Mt Moggill 10km Run/Walk
Moggill Village Road 2 Rural Half Marathon 21.1km

You don’t need to be signed up to the Poolwerx Moggill Marathon to access these training programs – they’re free for all!

If you’re having any niggles training for your race that need some attention, book an appointment with one of our Physio team members here!

Select the Fun Run you will be training for below:

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