Exercise Physiology can help with Workplace Injuries

In 2018-19, there were over 100,000 Australian worker’s compensation claims with 92% of claims due to musculoskeletal injury and disorders. The top three injury mechanisms found were:

– Mechanical Stress through the body and/or Manual Handling
– Impact to the body
– Workplace hazards resulting in a fall

Of these injury mechanisms, the most common parts of the body impacted by these injuries were the knee, shoulder and back.

At Target Physio, our Accredited Exercise Physiologists specialise in work-related injuries and motor vehicle accidents. We provide individually-tailored exercise programmes based on current evidence for structural and functional limitations following injury. Our exercise prescription is aimed at enhancing the recovery process, while managing load and capacity with the goal of returning to work as soon as possible.

The programs we deliver for Workplace Injuries are prescribed with the intention of improving an injured worker’s functionality with respect to movements similar to work-related activities. We strongly encourage the client to take an active role in their rehab-journey by equipping them with the education and physical training needed to return to the workplace.
If you’ve recently experienced a workplace injury or motor vehicle accident and need to get started on your rehabilitation, book an assessment consultation today.

We understand that processing a Workcover or CTP Insurance claim can be stressful, confusing and overwhelming! Our admin team is here to help you get better from the other side of the desk and do all we can to simplify the process and take the stress of booking and billing appointments away.

For clients with a Workcover Queensland claim, with a valid Worker’s Compensation Medical Certificate (from your Doctor or Specialist) once your claim is open for billing for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology (we can check this for you!), we are able to bill Workcover directly. If your claim is yet to be completely opened, we ask that you pay the Workcover rate up front and seek reimbursement.

What to bring to your first Worker’s Compensation appointment: your Worker’s Compensation Medical Certificate, your claim number, any scans or further correspondence from any doctor or specialist that may be relevant to your injury or condition.

For clients with a Worker’s Compensation claim in another state (outside QLD), we do not bill insurers or worker’s compensation business outside of Queensland directly. At the completion of your appointment you will be required to pay the full fee and claim back from the insurer/compensation company.

For clients under a CTP insurance claim, generally the insurance company will email us approval of the assessment consultation and request that a provider treatment plan is completed following this assessment, to approve further appointments. Please have your insurance company forward approval of the initial appointment to info@targetphysio.com.au. Once this approval is obtained, we can bill the insurance company directly.

What to bring to your first CTP insurance appointment: please confirm with us prior to your appointment that we have received the approval letter from your insurance company, bring along any scans or further correspondence from any doctor or specialist that may be relevant to your injury or condition.

Let us help you with Workplace Injuries

How We Can Help with Workplace Injuries

Target Physio Google Review

Both Heather and Alex do wonderful firm manipulation of sore muscles. Been going for around 15 years couple times per week. Every physio over that time has been terrific.

Terry Anderson Avatar Terry Anderson
January 31, 2020

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