Have you or are you experiencing back pain that moves down your legs?

It may have also been accompanied with pins and needles, or numbness? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Sciatica can be a condition whereby the sciatic nerve is irritated by abnormal movement, compression or stretch. This nerve is formed by bundles of smaller nerves that branch off from the spinal cord exiting through the lower back hence why it is often a symptom of lower back pain rather than the root cause. Like other tissues, nerves normally respond well to movement, and adversely if stationary for long periods.

The first step in relieving sciatica symptoms is to modify the load on the neural system. Often, certain movements and prolonged postures such as bending and sitting can be particularly uncomfortable with this issue. Symptoms can often be effectively managed with treatment targeted towards nerve gliding exercises that decrease neural sensitivity, non threatening movements to decrease protective guarding responses that can heighten pain awareness and activity modification to prevent aggravation.

The next step is to enhance motor control of the surrounding trunk and hip muscles. This will allow appropriate control of the spine and pelvis as well as optimal movement for the sciatic nerve. By establishing this base, then building strength and endurance of the larger, torque producing muscles, dynamic stability can be achieved.

Once the optimal layering of trunk and pelvic muscles have been trained, initiation into activity, sport and normal day to day activities can be achieved. By treating sciatica as a symptom, you may not achieve the desired result in recovery. However, treating the neural, muscular and function system will aim to settle the symptoms, address the cause, and achieve the functional goals that were once limited.

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March 24, 2020

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