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Neck pain can seem to hit when we least expect it- you slept on it funny, held it at awkward angles throughout the day or just moved your head quickly.

The neck is a robust and dynamic structure that contains 44 muscles, seven vertebrae and numerous nerves and blood vessels. Its function is to carry the weight of the head and perform a complex array of movements required in normal day to day activities. Simply, the neck is designed for movement.

Neck pain is one of the most common conditions causing disability. There can be a spectrum of injuries from acute muscle injuries, repetitive strains to degenerative joint irritation. Due to the different tissues found in the neck, there are a variety of symptoms that may result from an injury. It is not uncommon to have neck pain alone, neck pain that projects up into your head as a headache, or pain that refers down into the upper back or arm.

For a majority of conditions related to the neck, imaging alone is insufficient to correctly identify the cause of pain. At Target Physio, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your neck and surrounding areas to gain a full understanding of what is causing your neck pain and how to effectively treat it.

Management of neck conditions not only includes the treatment of the painful structure, but also identifying other areas contributing to the movement patterns influencing your symptoms. Most people who experience neck pain will respond well to conservative therapists.

In Physiotherapy we employ a multimodal approach. We introduce functional modifications, manual therapy, neural tissue mobilisation and retraining of the sensorimotor systems. Retraining includes the balance of exercise of the deeper muscles in the neck to gain finer control, coupled with superficial muscle exercises to achieve greater strength with movement. We use education as a key tool to help you develop your understanding of your neck and reduce any worry.

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How We Can Help Your Neck Pain

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Great team of physios that have a genuine care for your well being. I've been going along to this physio for years for various sports injuries. They always provide me with excellent treatment and instruction to help me on my road to recovery. They play an active role in the local community. Fiona has even come to our soccer trainings to run sessions. Highly recommended!

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April 16, 2019

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