Have you ever been told you have 'hypertension' or 'high blood pressure', or that you are at high risk of developing hypertension?

Hypertension is the scientific name for chronic high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the rate at which blood flows from your heart through your arteries. High blood pressure or Hypertension is when there is a reading of over 140/90 consistently on your monitor, and is diagnosed by your doctor.


Of the greatest contributors to cardiovascular disease and premature mortality, hypertension accounts for 95% of all cases, in which physical inactivity is a primary risk factor (ACSM, 2021). Being active reduces the risk of developing hypertension, but is also crucial for management of high blood pressure. 


Target Physio Exercise Physiology have developed a structured 3-stage Hypertension program, offering one-on-one and group exercise training programs targeting lowering blood pressure through the week. It consists of 3 parts: 


Stage 1 Assessment and Treatment Development Stage

  • Screening and measuring blood pressure. 
  • Functional and fitness assessments and development of a home-based and/or gym exercise program to suit your physical ability and schedule. 


Stage 2 – Supervised Exercise Treatment Stage

  • Building on whatever fitness you have in a safe, controlled and supervised environment.
  • An 8-week training block consisting of 8-sessions (either group-based or individual) incorporating aerobic, strength and balance exercises to challenge you and your fitness in a safe environment.
  • Measurement of blood pressure before and after exercise so you can see the real-time changes in your readings. 


Stage 3 – Long Term Followup

  • Re-assessments and review of exercise programs on a less regular basis to monitor your blood pressure levels, your fitness and overall health condition.
  • Option to continue participation of the small group exercise classes. 
  • Linking with community fitness providers for sustainable physical activity for the long run. 


If your doctor has told you to start exercising to reduce your blood pressure, or even that you’re at risk of developing Hypertension, book an Assessment consultation with Kelly today!


We offer an Exercise Physiology training block deal: two appointments per week for 5 weeks and receive your tenth session HALF PRICE!

Ready to get steady on your feet? Book an assessment here!


Current research on the benefits of exercise for Hypertension:

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