Exercise can help you maintain your independent!

If we were to ask you what physical goals you would have for the future, most would say “to remain mobile and independent for as long as possible”. However there are many things that can prevent this from being the case, such as other medical conditions, living arrangements or just life in general! Nevertheless, there is always a way to transform our future using physical activity. 


The Target Physio, the Exercise for Independent Living Program is targeted at people over 60 who want to maintain their lifestyle for as long as possible. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be running marathons in your 90’s (but we can definitely help you try!), we can help provide you with an exercise interventions that keeps you able to do things like hang the washing, lift the dog up for a cuddle, get up and down off the ground or have you feeling less puffy when you walk up a set of stairs. 


The Exercise for Independent Living Program is divided into 3 stages: 

Stage 1 – Assessment and Treatment Development Stage

  • Thorough assessment of your current condition and identifying any areas of concern to focus on. 
  • Provision of an individualised home exercise program to compliment the in-clinic training. 


Stage 2 – Supervised Exercise Treatment Stage

  • Either jumping into an 8-week block of our Small Group Classes OR 
  • One-on-one supervised session, weekly for 8 weeks (in-clinic or online).  
  • Emphasis on Aerobic fitness, Strength and Flexibility, as well as Balance and Falls Prevention. 


Stage 3 – Long Term Followup

  • Regular (3-monthly) re-assessment and review of home exercise program. 
  • Option to continue in small group classes.
  • Linking with other community fitness providers for sustainable training. 


To stay strong on your feet and able to do the things you love, book your assessment consultation with Kelly, here.

If you would like to read more about the beautiful Ageing Body, read Kelly’s blog about it here

Or, watch Kelly’s webinar on the Ageing Body here.

We offer an Exercise Physiology training block deal: two appointments per week for 5 weeks and receive your tenth session HALF PRICE!


Current research on exercise for independence and falls prevention, summarised by Exercise Physiologist, Kelly Luck:

Let us help you with Falls Prevention

How We Can Help with Falls Prevention

Target Physio Google Review

Great team of physios that have a genuine care for your well being. I've been going along to this physio for years for various sports injuries. They always provide me with excellent treatment and instruction to help me on my road to recovery. They play an active role in the local community. Fiona has even come to our soccer trainings to run sessions. Highly recommended!

Jason Wright Avatar Jason Wright
April 16, 2019

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