We can help your Back Pain and return you to your optimum function and fitness!

Amongst all the injuries, pains and aches that can bug us, back pain is up there as one of the most common. Most everyday things we do involve the use of our back to an extent, so it comes as no surprise that back pain at its worst can be debilitating and prevent us from performing our daily activities. Not to mention the effect back pain can have on our work and recreational lives.

On the plus side, like most injuries, back pain is often not structurally serious and resolves with an appropriate course of manual therapy and functional movement treatment, physical activity and time. This is because our backs are highly developed to carry our load with strong muscular support to help stabilise and maintain postures. Our Physiotherapists are able to identify factors causing and contributing to your back pain and develop an individualised management program, to assist you in your rehabilitation and restrengthening.

A common belief is that long periods of rest will fix back pain. However, whilst resting can allow time to heal, it doesn’t strengthen or fix back pain. Rest with the absence of a proper assessment by a Physiotherapist, will often lead to recurrence. By having your back pain assessed and the causing factors identified, you’re able to strengthen yourself to prevent your back pain returning! Target Physio Physiotherapists use manual therapy techniques in combination with exercises to return you to your optimum function and fitness.

If you have lower back pain and need help returning to your normal activities of daily living and beyond, book an assessment online today. 

Let us help you with your Back Pain

How We Can Help Your Back Pain

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Target Physio are an awesome team of dedicated professionals that are truly committed to getting the best results for your body. Their level of training, experience and ability always sets me on track for good solid recovery whenever I need it. I love the ladies on reception too, it matters to me that I feel welcome and appreciate how genuinely friendly they are. What can I say? LOVE IT!

Ruth Gibb Avatar Ruth Gibb
April 16, 2019

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