It's a normal part of the ageing process to lose some of our balance...

The problem with losing some of our balance is that it leaves us exposed to falls and therefore, consequently, injury. These injuries may, in turn, reduce your ability to live an independent, healthy life.

Research has shown that undertaking a structured balance and strength program developed by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, effectively prevents falls in populations over 50 years of age, a risk reduction of 20 – 35% (Tiedemann, 2011)!

At Target Physio, our Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) can help to prevent that fall in the first place. Given the extensive training of our AEPs, they are well equipped to improve the causes that may lead to falls; a lack of grip strength, a lack of lower limb strength, poor cognition and delayed reaction times. Although there are other contributing factors that may lead to a fall, such as eyesight, we can work to improve on areas that we can control, like body awareness and muscle-brain cognition.

Don’t be concerned about the term “strength program” – this doesn’t mean lifting heavy weights in a gym with body builders beside you! All strength programs are tailored to you and your ability! You might start off with a light theraband before progressing to a stronger band. We’re here to help get you started, maintain and progress your activity within your capacity.

We offer an Exercise Physiology training block deal: two appointments per week for 5 weeks and receive your tenth session HALF PRICE!

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Let us help you with Falls Prevention

How We Can Help with Falls Prevention

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    5 star review  Great team of physios that have a genuine care for your well being. I've been going along to this physio for years for various sports injuries. They always provide me with excellent treatment and instruction to help me on my road to recovery. They play an active role in the local community. Fiona has even come to our soccer trainings to run sessions. Highly recommended!

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