Women’s Health Classes in Brisbane West

Target Physio is proud to offer Women’s Health group classes for Women across the age spectrum.

Prenatal classes

Our Prenatal Classes are designed to increase your global strength to prepare you for the physicality of childbirth, setting you up for a strong postnatal recovery.
Classes incorporate a combination of education and exercises to improve pelvic floor activation and strength, hip and pelvis stability and control as well as global strength.

If you’re not currently seeing one of our Physiotherapists for Women’s Health treatment, an assessment is required with Gabby, Sangita or Fiona prior to joining the class.

P.R.O.U.D Function & Strength (Pelvic Resilience through Optimising, Understanding & Developing Function & Strength)

The PROUD Women’s Health class is designed for any woman, of any age and any fitness level that want to improve their pelvic floor function for everyday life or exercise.
Classes incorporate a combination of education and training around pelvic floor activation through a variety of different movements which are then implemented in an exercise movement format to prepare you and your pelvic floor for everyday life, activity or sport.

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