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Type 2 Diabetes Classes in Brisbane West

Type 2 Diabetes is a common, yet treatable condition where your body struggles to manage blood sugar levels. Exercise is a proven way to lower your blood sugar levels, but also manage your weight and cardiorespiratory fitness. It can also prevent onset of symptoms related to the progression of Type 2 Diabetes such as neuropathy or balance issues.

Exercise Physiologist Kelly Luck has created Type 2 Diabetes classes to be a combination of strength, balance and aerobic exercises which aim to improve muscular strength, endurance and assist with making day to day movements easier.

You may be eligible for a Medicare Type 2 Diabetes Group Services referral from your GP as part of an Enhanced Primary Care Plan to get you started. This entitles you to an initial assessment and 8 partly-subsidised group classes to assist with creating healthy exercise habits to manage your Type 2 Diabetes. Talk to your GP or practice nurse.

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