Tradies Health Month 2022

August is National Tradies Health month – a time to raise awareness for the health and safety of those in the trade industry. Tradies are some of the hardest working…

Exercise Right Week 2022

Exercise right week is public awareness campaign to inspire and empower people to live more active, healthier lives. This year’s theme is ‘Exercise for the Right Reasons’.  Target Physio is…

Returning to Exercise after Covid

Exercise Physiologist, Kelly Luck guides us through how to get back into exercise after covid, what to expect and how to progress safely. Fatigue is common symptom of Covid that…

Returning to Work following a Work Injury

Exercise Physiologist, Kelly Luck, debunk some common misconceptions about rehabilitation following an injury at work. Exercise Physiologist, Kelly Luck Need to return to work? Exercise Physiologists can get you there!…

Stretching out Your Run!

With the Poolwerx Moggill Marathon fast approaching, we here at Target Physio thought it seems like an appropriate time to dive into the importance, effects and strategies around stretching. Why…

Improving Cycling Effiency

Are you a new cyclist? A novice or advanced cyclist? Have you ever wondered how one may improve their cycling efficiency? I am naturally drawn to find ways to improve…

Ageing & Adaptive Bodies

2020 was obviously full of surprises. The year demanded adaptation in many circumstances in work, home and social life. Team Target Physio embraced the demand for adaptability, cementing our role…

The Ageing Body

Inevitably, as we age, our body’s will change. Observable age-related changes can be seen from as young as 40 years old. But old age does not mean disability and disease…
giggle incontinence Target Physio

Childhood and Adolescent Incontinence

Urinary incontinence affects up to 10% children and teenagers under the age of 18 years old and like the many adults who experience incontinence, children and teenagers in particular may…
working from home desk setup

Working From Home

Ergonomic Set Up: When working from home there are a few things that we can go through to help set up your work station. This will ensure that you are…
men's health with Tom

Men’s Health Physio Webcasts

Men’s Health Physiotherapist, Thomas Harris, has been working hard to deliver his message to the wider male community. Tom believes men shouldn’t have to suffer in silence and accept “this…

Don’t self Isolate from Exercise!

If you’re finding it hard to stay active while at home during the current climate, then you’re not alone!Many people have definitely felt less motivated to be physically active due…

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise, we all know what it is, we all know that we should do it, but have you ever thought WHY you should do it? Exercise provides the human body…

Movin’ in May!

May, what a great month to be out and about in our local communities! This May, join Target Physio in celebrating our physical activity in the community. As a team,…

What is a Cortisone Steroid Injection?

Cortisone Injections Cortisone is the most common injection used in the medical management of musculoskeletal conditions. Most people would know someone who has had a cortisone injection, or may have…

Why do we hurt?

TEDxAdelaide: Lorimer Moseley – Why Things Hurt Why do we hurt? Do we actually experience pain, or is it merely illusion?