Ageing & Adaptive Bodies


2020 was obviously full of surprises. The year demanded adaptation in many circumstances in work, home and social life. Team Target Physio embraced the demand for adaptability, cementing our role of keeping people moving and ensuring musculoskeletal pain does not end up in hospitals. We are proud to say we provided more online content and telehealth consultations than ever before! Reaching people from all over Australia.

Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists have witnessed firsthand how their clients have been affected by the Covid19 lockdowns over the past 12 months. Our beloved local community groups; book clubs, Tai Chi and Men’s Sheds, were unable to go ahead due to government physical distancing restrictions.

On a more positive note, in 2020, we also got to we also got to witness the excitement of seeing our elderly clients jump on their first telehealth video call, the “thank goodness you guys are open” when someone experienced a bout of unexpected pain or injury, the immensely positive response to Exercise Physiologist, Kelly’s over 50s workout available on our Facebook page, available for anyone to join in at anytime (yes, even now!) at their own leisure or the “I haven’t run this far since high school!” when we were forced to adapt to new or reborn methods of exercise.

None of this is new to you, so where is this going?

Since September last year, the most common phrase heard in appointments has been, “I just can’t do what I used to be able to do!” Whether that was bending down to put socks on, hanging the washing on the line or picking up a grandchild without an audible groan, many people were experiencing a common disappointment. A decrease in strength, mobility and general ‘oompfh’ to get up and move! 

For the ageing body, a few months off can be just enough for bones to weaken, muscles to de-condition and confidence in movement to be reduced. When we don’t use it, we lose it. 

But there is no need to fear – the ageing body is still an adaptive body!! No matter your age, there is still scope for  improvement in balance, strength, fitness and mobility.

With a little bit of guidance and an individualised home or gym exercise program, even the ageing body can see improvements in balance, strength, fitness and mobility in a few weeks!

Imagine being able to garden on your knees without pain again… 

Target Physio continues to offer both in-clinic and telehealth video appointments – so you can workout with us, at home!

If you are feeling the same way and want to see what potential your body can adapt to, phone us on 3202 5216 to book an appointment with our Exercise Physiologists, Kelly or Toby, here!


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