Started by Principal Physiotherapist, Fiona Pringle, Target Physio originated as a home clinic in 2002 which later evolved into Bellbowrie Physiotherapy in June 2004. For almost 12 years, Bellbowrie Physiotherapy committed to its mission statement of ‘Promoting an Active Community’, helping people of all walks of life out of pain and returning them to their desired activity or exercise.

Bellbowrie Physiotherapy was passionate about supporting local fitness and activity groups; sponsoring the Moggill Football Club since 2006, founding the Bellbowrie Heart Foundation Walking Group in 2005 and sponsoring many other local and school events over the years. Bellbowrie Physiotherapy continued its evolution, expanding its repertoire to include group Pilates classes in 2013 with huge success.

In February 2016, the addition of our Kenmore practice saw Bellbowrie Physiotherapy become Target Physio; a new name, new brand, new team members, new practice, same mission. The original mission statement ‘promoting an active community’ became Target Physio’s action and a new mission statement was born; ‘Removing Pain & Dysfunction, Enabling Fitness’.

Since the expansion of Kenmore, Target Physio has continued to evolve, providing the community with quality

The Target Physio team quickly involved themselves in the new community; supporting and sponsoring local school and community events, local sporting clubs and local businesses. A refreshed mission statement

February 2016 saw the expansion of Bellbowrie Physio into Kenmore, which triggered its name change to Target Physio and a refreshed mission statement: Targeting your pain and function. Enabling your fitness. The new space allowed for additional staff, extending the combined knowledge and expertise of the Target Physio team. Bellbowrie Physio’s Pilates program evolved to the Clinical Conditioning program and is conducted at the Kenmore clinic which has a wide range of functional equipment.

Since the expansion into Kenmore, Target Physio has become involved in additional sporting clubs and fitness groups; sponsoring Kenmore Bears Junior and Senior Football Clubs, Kenmore Little Athletics and supporting the weekly Riverlife Keep Active group in Seventeen Mile Rocks. Target Physio also maintains excellent relationships with local gyms, including Snap Fitness Kenmore, Bellbowrie and Karalee as well as F45 Kenmore and Pullenvale.

The addition of Exercise Physiology to the Target Physio repertoire occurred in 2019. The unique relationship between Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology enhances how Target Physio can help the 4070, 4069 and 4306 communities overcome musculoskeletal obstacles, improve chronic health conditions and enable fitness. Transforming your future is the reason we come to work everyday!

In July 2021, the Target Physio team opened a third clinic in Karalee. Both Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services are available at the Target Physio Karalee clinic. We’re excited to bring our wide skillset to the Karalee and wider 4306 community.

Target Physio receives broken, dysfunctional, or painful bodies of all ages and fitness levels. Treatments are tailored to the individual and targeted management plans and training programs are established to eradicate dysfunction and restore fitness and healthy movement.

The team at Target Physio are passionate about the work that they do and are driven to continue to provide the highest quality of care to the surrounding community.

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